How can I overcome from my shyness?

I am a girl who shies a lot, I don't know but whenever I talk with guys I begin feeling anxiety and nerves hence they left now I get a very good guy and I don’t want to loose him, so help me.


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  • Make the conversation about him.

    The core of shyness is introversion. You live inside yourself and think selfishly. Put yourself aside and consider how he feels. Get to know him.

    Once you discover your ability (or inability) to empathize, you'll stop living inside yourself and recognize the strangers around you as people. Just like you.

  • I dont know enough about your situation to tell you. Personally I take large amounts of drugs, specifically Xanax or klonopin. Alcohol works also, but my liver can't handle it so I use pharms. Not sure what you got but I have social phobia, I have panic attacks all the time when I go out in public because people give me so much anxiety. I can barely leave the house unless im zooted on benzos.


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