People i need help. i am gaining major trust issues?

i am developing a major wall with people, freinds, family, gf's guys freinds (not so much) all women.. i have a problem trusting people because im naturally a loner which i am fine with but i still want to be able to trust and bond with people. i dont expect much but people over think my actions and what im looking for even though i can tell them most of the time before they start or even when i meet them in a way they may not even realize i told them important information. its starting to affect my trust issues. i have to keep myself from shutting people out. i can do it really easy but i dont want to. i can respect all peoples limits and make our individual freindship last a lifetime. all i really ask for is honesty. so tell me whats going on here?

Listen to your instincts and with no shame. They say ask her out dont question your instincts. Thinking tends to turn women off more. When you put too much effort in anyways. Believe it or not women like to chase just after you made the first move.


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  • It's good to be cautious of who you trust. It's never ever wise to trust people off face value and to invest too much time in someone without first knowing their intentions too. So I wouldn't say you have to change that. If you think things are going to far though and you have built a wall so high that no one can connect with you then it's time to take small baby steps by opening up to people around you. That's all you can do really. Other people won't change, it's you and your attitude that has to change unfortunately. Lastly a good rule of thumb is to trust people by their actions and not their words.

  • Sounds like you are scared of getting close to females. You like to find ways to push them away. Trust issues/insecurities are not difficult to over come. I had major trust issues and so did my husband when we first met. You just have to give space. Let things go but don't hide your emotions. Tell people when you feel insecure. Don't think all people are going to hurt you. Hope that helped? In still half asleep


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