WTF, why did he just disappeared?

started talking to this guy three weeks ago, we've been on a few dates, he even invited me to his friends birthday dinner. we haven't had sex, but we did make out with me being topless.. we were both drunk, after that night hetexted me the next day and asked if he was ever going to hangout again, i told him of course i wanted to and why he would even think i wouldn't want to hangout again, he said he was over analyzing things. he texted me the next day just small talk.. we didn't talk for a few days.. I texted him we talked... another few days went by and he texts me a super long paragraph drunk text. Lol it didn't say much just that he wanted to talj to me and didn't realize how late it was but wanted to anyways.. he also went on a little tangent about how he knows he wants a wife in a few years, so he's approaching relationships different because he slways jumps into them and they end up shitty.
We talked the next day and i told him I'd like to hangout again sometime, his response was "yeah, !!"... He always has super long responses when we talk so, i didn't respond and. i haven't hears from him since it's been like 4 days. I haven't tried texting him either.. Really confused lol

disappear* lol
sorry for all of the typos!


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  • set up a time to hang out. it seems like you both are saying "we should hang out sometime" but neither are actually setting up anything concrete. so just try to set up a concrete time rather than talking about how you two should hang out. If he says, "we should hangout" you could say well I'm free (pick a day) what do you want to do?

    I'd be a bit concerned that he seems to suggest but not set anything in stone but it could just be his personality.


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  • if you know you want to hang out, why dont you just ask him if he wants to do something in particular at a particular tim. instead of this 'should' business.

    just do it.

    by the way i dont think his tangent was a tangent. he's explaining why he's leery about -anything. you'll still just have to try to set something up. if he's not interested its bc of what he already told you. he's scared of shitty endings or beginnings and anything else.