Opinions on asking out a staff member at the gym?

I recently joined a gym near my house, and have developed a crush on the worker who signed me up. He seems really nice from the few times I've talked to him, and I think he's really cute! I was just looking for opinions on whether it would be okay to ask him out, or even just to hang out in a friendly manner?

I fully intend to talk to him a bit more before I would consider doing so!

Thanks :).


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  • Sure you can always do it but just check out if there's any restriction from the gym on staff fraternizing with members - some of them have that in place which could well knell doom for his job if he goes out with you :)

    Good luck :)

  • Try joking about asking him out, with a nice smile... his reaction will give you an indication if you have a chance.
    And if he doesn't respond positively the first time, let a few days pass and joke about it again.
    Except of course if his reaction the first time was "oh, just ask my wife". That may change the game :-)


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