When should you be worried if you sleep with a guy your seeing and he doesn't get back to you after a certain period of time?

I've been seeing a guy for a while now, everything's going well even though we only see each other now and again as we live far apart at the moment because of university (college) commitments. He always compliments me and says how he would like to be with me more seriously in the future and how he's told his friends about me. Anyway to cut the story short we slept together for the first time the other night, everything was fine and I text him when I got home, he text me back and then rang me that following night after a night out to see if I did have a good time with him that night we slept together, so ever since I've been happy that he isn't just wanting me for one thing. However I feel like now since I've come back to my flat in London where I don't see him as much he may be more distant because we've slept together and I feel like this following week will be like the make or break situation. Should I be worried after 3 days, 4 days if he hasn't contacted me? Or what do you think are the signs that he's changed his mind about me after he's slept with me? Sorry for waffling just had to give you a idea of the situation!


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  • I would be concerned at the 3 day mark. Day 4... i would start thinking about dropping him. Beyond 4 days to me is disrespect. Why? Because we live in an age where there are more than 5 ways to communicate with someone. Why take so long to communicate if you are interested in me? And the excuse of,"I was busy" is so played out. Its just that. an EXCUSE. When a guy is interested, he will MAKE time for you. You should never except a guy NOT making time for you.

    Guys who feel like they have conquered you and can move on to other girls, don't contact you regularly to learn about you and talk. You might get contacted only late at night. if that. And overall, you don't get much of their time or respect.

    Don't let this happen to you. Good luck.

    • Thank you very much for your reply! Your right, I'll just have to hope he isn't a bad guy

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    • Has he contacted you?

    • Yeah he did, were alright still, I think right now were going to see how things go because I have a lot of work to do so I have to concentrate! But yeah the other day we spoke on the phone and I basically told him how I fee and that his long responses bother me sometimes and he said he's make more of a effort and since then he has done so I can only hope it carries on. Thanks for your advice though :)

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