How do i get him to notice me? But no seeming like im trying to hard?

Me and my ex-boyfriend broke up last year because we needs space.( no TRUSTand i was Bitchy ) But I still like him AND don't know how I can get him to notices me.
Guys what are something I can do to get him to notice me?
Girl anything really can help?
NOTE TO SELF: try not to be BITCHY
ps. trust more


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  • Hmmm. be yourself.
    There's nit much you can do other than that. The fact is, he didn't have such a great experience with you... so he moved on. You can try just talking to him as a friend and somehow show him you have grown as a person. I think a lot of relationahips can be repaired, and some not so much. You can try and have positive energy and practice the law of attraction concerning this, but.. thats something else in itself. Its a practice, not a one day thing. Also question why you want him back. Is it just because you were dumped? Think about it.