So... I happened to like a guy 9 years younger than I am?

So recently my friend introduced me to his cousins and I've started hanging out with them more often. Then one day I ended up exchanging numbers with his cousins.

It started as a joke but now I think I'm starting to like one of his cousins who is 9 years younger than I am more than I should. He's very sweet and mature for his age. He's a perfect gentleman and we get along so well.

Whenever I'm with him I feel happy and safe. It doesn't even feel like there's a massive age difference. But I know that I can't take it any further eventhough he's also showing some interest in me. I know that a lot of people would be against it but for now I just enjoy whatever we have.

I dont even know why exactly I'm writing here but I guess I just feel frustrated that he's a lot younger than I am, coz I would've wanted to take the next step with him. But my friends are telling me to walk away before its too late... I know they have a point but I can't get myself to just walk away :(


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  • Well based on your stated age range you're 24 at the oldest, which would make him 15 AT&T he oldest. You need to walk away from this, and do it fast.


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  • Uh, if your age range is correct, he's jail bait.

    Two words- statutory rape.

    Walk away and quit thinking with your lady bits. They're going to cause you nothing but trouble.

  • The only way it matters is if he's a minor... Which I'm guessing he is because your age range is 18-24. Then definitely stay away. That's a big age difference to be messing around with.

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