I've been texting this guy who I met and we have been getting on really well but I was the last to text yesterday!.

We've been texting and we've met a few times I really like him but I sent the last text yesterday! Please help should I text him?




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  • I know how you feel...I'm always the first to text the guy I like, we've only been talking for about a month, but he has yet to be the first to text...it's not because he's not interested though, because when I text he will answer and even ask me questions about how I am...I think guys just don't always realize how much of a big deal one text can mean to us girls sometimes..You go for it, girl! :) He'll be happy to know you want to talk to him.


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  • whats the big deal with girls and texts!

    damn girls don't you understand that people have lives and sometimes texting you back is not a top priority?

    it means NOTHING if you sent the last text, and it means NOTHING if you don't get a text back.

    relax , take a deep breath, and stop being so damn insecure ladies.

    and to answer your question...yes text him and pretend that never happened because if you start talking about how you thought something was wrong because you sent the last text, he's going to think you're psycho and probably end up backing away from you


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  • wow 1FastFC way to be sensitive. yelling at her telling her not to be insecure isn't going to help her to not be insecure. Think of it on her point of view, giirl I know exactly what you mean I use to have that problem too. When guys don't text back it gives you the feeling that they just didn't feel the need to even bother texting you back. Let me tell you like this tho, guys and girls think totally different. Guys would much rather talk on the phone then text, and when they don't text you back it's meekly because they don't think you will care. Guys also LOVE to have the girl text them first, or even try calling him it lets him know you were thinking bout him, and haha that you actually remembred his name.

    kk go for it


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