Real life bewitched? How would you explain to a guy you are dating that you were a witch?

Although I am no longer a witch (white witch) i was a black witch for a month i have friends that still are. I have books and tons of things. It is really something i can not put behind me because it is the reason why i am the religion i am now. My uncle is a pastor not that it matters but i am not sure how a guy will react.


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  • If it will not stand in between you and the guy, no worry. Just tell him and he may find it weird. But he need to know anyway, so better immediately.
    If it will stand in between both of you, you'll need to choose between either the religion or the guys...
    Just curiosity but what does it involve to be a witch? Will you learn us to fly on a broom?


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  • I'd stop the melodrama confession "I was a witch" and just say you practised Wicca and tried out magic and that, and don't treat it like any big thing. Because most people will treat it as if you said you just play Dungeons and Dragons or something.

  • If I'd be you, I'd keep that a secret to prevent a guy from thinking that you're slightly nuts.


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  • I don't think you really can. Most people will think you're just crazy.


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