Can it be tough for a shy guy to reply to a Facebook message?

I messaged my crush on Facebook because I would like to get to know him better.

As of right now we just talk when we see each other. He is a little shy and I know he isn't big on using Facebook , but I don't have his number and I wasn't really sure what else I could do.

I messaged him but he hasn't replied to it and I did see throughout the day that he was online. I'm just curious if it can be tough for a shyer guy to message a girl on Facebook !

He has shown a couple signs of interest, like staring and looking away when I catch him, listening attentively, adding to the conversation, a little bit of nervousness when talking to me, etc.

I could be mistaken of course, but from the way he acts around me I just thought he could be interested in me.

I know for a fact he likes talking to me because he said so and he does good things like smile when we talk. I also am positive that I haven't been too clingy or desperate with my interest in him.

Me messaging him is the first time I have tried to talk to him outside of where I see him!

For me as a shy girl I had a really hard time getting the nerve to message him. Just wondering if it is the same for guys!

If he is interested he will reply at some point, right?


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  • I'm getting to hate Facebook , I tried to contact 2 people I knew and they never responded. I didn't and dont have a picture of myself up but still, full name wasn't good enough?

    Not to ask a dumb question, but did you ask him "in person" to talk to him through Facebook ?

    • Hmmm, it doesn't even say how long ago this was, must have been a while then. I hav

    • I have learned that my Facebook account may be messed up, I did have to change my password and I think that's what did it.

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