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So me and this guy were best friends for 3 years, dated and things didn't end well. We recently started talking again and I self harm and he is aware and he doesn't agree with it. I told him that he was the one person who screwed me over emotionally. He got really quiet and he hugged me. What do you think was going through his mind? How would you have felt?

  • I would've felt awkward and didn't know what to do
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He has a girlfriend. I self harm because I have self esteem issues and severe depression not for attention


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  • He probably felt awkward about the situation as a whole. The fact that you self-harm would indicate deeper issues that he's not really in a position to fully aid you with, which makes him feel helpless. The idea how him screwing you over emotionally has been a large reason as to why you are hurting yourself also makes him feel incredibly guilty. He hugged you in silence in the end because he was likely at a loss as to what to say to make you feel better, and you can never go wrong in comforting someone with a hug! :)


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  • He be thinking fuck I fucket it up big time

    • Haha but like what would you think though? Besides that I mean?

    • I would off felt bad and tried to help you out when I first found out you self harm and with your depression.
      and would tell my girlfriend I still think a lot about you and going to help you out as a friend

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  • You prob won't like what I have this but I would be thinking that this person either likes attention, esp if they blamed me for the self harm. I would think that they need to see a counselor either to seek why they feel that they need so much attention or why they are depressed.

    • No lol It doesn't bother me. Um I actually don't have them on display. No I don't think he's connected the two. And he just knows that I had really strong feelings

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