My date complimented my lips and eyebrows. What?

So I was on a first date with this hot girl from my uni when towards the end she says I had 'the prettiest eyebrows girls would be jealous of' and very 'beautiful sensual lips'.

I just said thanks but I'm kinda caught off base by this. Was she making fun of me or what did she mean like I'm not girly in my appearence I'm actually 6'4 and play football so nothing like that.

Girls what could she have meant? Should I cancel out next date?

Thanks for all the help :)


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  • You're going to cancel a date because she complimented you? HAHAHAHAHHAA

    • Not because she complimented me but how she complimented me I just feel it's a weird compliment to make a guy like me so I doubted her sincerity

    • No, its really not! It's very sincere. Nice eyebrows make a face and I always notice a man's eyebrows.

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  • No, don't cancel your next date. She is a keeper, she is observant, and a sensual girl by her critics of your appearance.

  • It's a strange thing to cancel it because she gave you compliments?

    • Not because she complimented me but because I felt like she was not sincere cause imho it's a strange compliment to make a guy

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