Hotty and good friend won't respond to my texts after we got a little raunchy (her idea). Is she playing it safe?

I've known her for almost a year and when we're hanging out it's non stop laughter and flirting (two ways). We've seen each other on and off over that period.

She's complimented me a couple times on my physical appearance, and asked me out on vday (as friends). We had a blast. Since, we've been chilling like two peas in a pod (even heavier flirting). Until last week. We had this extended day-night hangout that Saturday. That night at her place she broke out the liquor and a sex game. We didn't kiss, but by 4am we got pretty damn heated touching and biting. She straddled me several times. Very high energy.

I should add that in September (several months in) I tried to get a romantic reading on her and told her I was feeling her. She got a little weird and told me she's not looking for a man right now. I was fine with it.

I love playing with this girl... Seriously, two peas in a pod, and we've been playing friends for a while. She's the kind of girl who holds her heart close (super protective about opening up). Is she feeling like we went too far? Or is she turning on game mode and hoping I chase her (demonstrate my romantic interest)?

Ill add that the next morning I sent her a text which she ignored. 3 days later she sent me a photo showing hickies. I got her laughing about it. We chatted that night (about an hour before i had to go). I've sent 2 texts since, over 5 days. No reply


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  • From what I am reading here, she is Only interested in "friends with benefits," no matter what "game mode" you are both playing.
    She knows how you feel, as far as "your romantic reading " goes, and this may be "interesting" for her, to keep you in the running and---Running---for the chase for now. But as it stands, or with whatever "biting and delighting" there might be with you, she is just Into you for "two peas in a pod," but not as far as Clasping it up, at least at this moment in time.
    I do also agree that if more girls would Play their cards like her, they might just have More guys eating out of their hands, like she obviously has you doing with her.
    Be cool, keep it lite and sweet, and don't push. She has already stated what she is Not looking for any One man, so just take the ride for now, whether it be "straddling" or-----more "hooked at the hip hickeys" along the way.
    Good luck. x

  • It sounds like she just doesn't want a relationship at the moment. Or, she just doesn't know what she wants.

    • I wouldn't chase her. I would let her come to you.

    • Taking myself completely out of the picture here, she seems to be transitioning from a "dont want a relationship" mode to a "not sure what she wants".

      Around vday she made a comment that she didn't have a boyfriend with a hint of sadness, which is progress from her standing that she only wants to date a woman right now. She's definitely bicurious, but hasn't explored women yet at 29 years old. At the very least this is definitely fun to watch!

    • okay.. id say let her come to you still. she is confused.. she needs time.

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