When a guy messages you on social media sites, what is a acceptable way for him to go about it?

So ladies when a guy messages you on social media sites, what is a acceptable way for him to go about it?


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  • it really depends on what your relationship is to the girl, and how long you've been friends on said site. let's use Facebook as an example:
    if she's an old friend who you haven't talked to in years, but you've been fb friends with for a while a private message saying "hey, you popped up on my newsfeed recently and i realized how long it's been... how are you?" is a very un-creepy way of opening up a conversation with an old friend.
    if she's a more recent friend, you can privately message her about one of her recent posts if it expresses an opinion example: "hey, i loved your post on saving the whales, such a great cause! we haven't talked in a bit, how are you?" again, not creepy and casual
    if you don't know the girl at all this is where it gets sticky. i've had guys friend request me and message me on fb who i dont know. and as a rule of thumb (and my girlfriends do this too) we dont reply and deny their requests. it's kinda creepy to see a random girl you think is hot on fb and message her, but sometimes it may work example message: "hey, i came across your profile and i think you're so beautiful" ... still a stretch though
    the BEST way to approach a girl you dont know on a site like fb is if you have mutual friends. this gives you an opening. example message: "hey you popped up as having a mutual friend as i did (insert name of mutual friend) how do you know him/her? i know him/her from (insert here how you know the person" is an easy opening
    hope that helps!

    • She's a recent friend, we've hungout a few times and talked a little bit notice though. I'd prefer if I didn't come off as being a total creep

    • if she's a recent friend definitely message her and say hey i really enjoyed talking about (whatever it was you talked about) or hanging out. would you like to maybe hang out again sometime soon? that way it doesn't come off creepy at all... especially since you've hung out

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