Approaching girls at older age?


I will try to keep it short and simple. I am 41, divorced almost 3 years ago and currently single. It all started with a conversation with of of the guys about how and where to meet women etc.

At first I did not think much of it because I know myself or at least I did that when I like a girl I have no problem just walking straight up to her and tell her exactly that I like her etc. Not that I do it every day but I did not think it was a big deal. I do not have stomach for chitchat talks with a girl. He suggestion was to try on-line dating.

But he has another opinion. He said you are at your 40s not a teenager any more you can not do this stuff. girls could be intimidated when they see a big guy (big here means tall (6ft 053) and kind of muscular as I keep regular exercises.) even if they were over 30s years of age as I don't like younger girls.

Seriously, at first I did not think about it at all but then it kinda of started to think about it and started to like be a nagging thought and eating me inside.

I am not asking looking for assurance here I can handle it whatever it is but just want to know is he right and it is really gross and creepy and rude for man in his early 40s to approach women when he likes them?


Forget to mention, Of course I know that when you approach a girl you have to be polite, not like sudden death.


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  • Older women are usually less mature. If you're attractive, talk like an adult, and approach with decency (No' Hey shotty let me holla!") type stuff, you should be fine.

    Go to the places you enjoy going, and do things that you enjoy doing. If fitness is important, talk to women at the gym. Sign up for a mudrun and talk to women after or before the run. Go to a poetry reading. OR go white water rafting.

    You'll be fine.

    • You missing the point. I am not asking where to meet women I am asking about the decency of a man aged 41 going straight up politely and friendly of course and tell her that he sees her attractive or beautiful etc.

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    • I believe you're still in the acceptable age bracket for approaching, especially since you said you're going after age appropriate women. My apologies for misunderstanding the question.

    • Is there age in appropriate women?

  • I don't get it-if the women are your age and not pedophile young, then why can't you approach them? I am in my 40's and men my age, younger and older still approach me via face to face, internet, etc. I don't think it's strange-I think it's life. If you are single you approach people. I also an online dater even though I have found no one yet who strikes my fancy lol. Good luck, don't let your friend freak you out. Do what makes you happy.


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