Does he still want to be seeing me or is he drifting away and brushing me off?

This guy and I have been seeing each other for the last 3 months now (we met online and he's a decent guy)... there is a connecion and chemistry between us and the sex s awesome as well. He was the first to congratulate me when i finished college in hairstyling plus he let me give him a haircut. Also takes photos with me and has both me and my mom on Facebook as well.

In the beginning he was coming to see me once every 2 - 3 days. Now lately he sees me once every 7 - 8 days (it has now been 9 days since I last saw him). He tells both me and my mom that he's working overtime for some payment thats due on the house mortgage this coming Saturday (he takes care of his parents who dont speak English or drive. Him and his family are from Afghanistan and are in Canada for 5- 6 years now. Even his English isn't 100%).

My mom beleives him and thinks that he's being sincere and honest, but im feeling kinda worried because he had teased me 3 weeks ago and asked me if its ok for him to go fuck another girl while he's with me - he asked me this in bed whe he was hugging me after we had sex).
My mom thinks he was just teasing me to see how i would react but im having a hard time digesting this because i was cheated on in my previous relationship 2 years back...

Also today I asked him if he wants to come see me, but he said that he can't he's busy and next time. (i know where he works plus i called his workplace and was told that the servicing department is open 24 hours a day. he a mechanic).

what did next time mean
does he wanna continue seeing me
is he being sincere or is he cheating on me

  • sincere and hnest and wants to see me
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  • cheating and doesn't wanna see me
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  • I would answer your question poll but it's kind of a either yes or not answer type thing. And I feel like I should give my 2 cents. I am by no means a relationship expert. But no offense to some guys , but guy are idiots. They ask the dumbest questions sometime and just like how they can't understand women... women can't completely understand men.

    I feel like he wouldn't lie and say he is busy especially with the type of job he has , and the situation where he takes care of his parents. But the asking to fuck another girl seems a little sketchy. I don't think you should jump straight to conclusions but I really feel as though you should talk with him about how you feel and see where you and him stand. Talking about things helps a relationship a lot easier than keeping things from each other and trying to figure things out on your own. It only hurts you , and possibly the relationship.

    So , talk about things and see where they go. Find out the truth FROM HIM. Don't beat around the bush. You need to know , for your and his sake.

    ***Little_foot <3

    • ya true lots of guys these days are jerks... i do agree with u on that one

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  • With any guy, you need to take your lead in reacting from the way he acts. If he cuts back on calling you, then you need to cut back on calling him, perhaps even more so. If he truly cares he'll chase you.

    • he's a quiet type of a guy... can't tell what he thinks or how he feels... and he does reply when i talk to him but he doesn't see me like before... how do i resolve this

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    • and roughly how long does it take to pay off a mortgage

    • Trick question, one never pays off a mortgage. j/k

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