Does he feel heart broken or rejected from me and does he still have feelings or thnk of me?

There was this guy that I had met in a bar (i had a bf at the time - he was single) and he had a huge romantic interest in me. After my ex and I split him and I went on a few dates but he was still under the thought thhat i was in love with my ex and he was always looking through my phone all the time.

he wanted me as his gf. I was stupid not to go with him cuz i really liked him plus my bf at the time (my now ex) was cheating on me all along and now lives with the woman that he cheated o me with...

After a few dates he told me to take it easy and after that we never spoke he disappeared on me yet he still hass me on Facebook and Skype and was curious to know a few months back why im so happy these days.

what confuses me is that he's still single, and although we dont talk, he still has me on Facebook (and i have quite a lot of photos on there of myself). Does he have feelings for me u think or could there ever be a chance in the future

  • still has feelings and feels rejected and possiblity for future
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  • no chance of ever talking again to me and has moved on
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