What are some things I can do to attract women?

I've come to the conclusion that I need to better myself because I can't expect a girl be attracted to me if I don't make a strong attempt to. I lost a lot of weight and started keeping my acne under control. I still need to lose another 30-40 pounds but I'm working on it. I just wanted girls advice on things I can do to improve my "appeal".


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  • Congrats on being pro-active and making changes. A lot of people prefer to blame everyone else rather on improving themselves. Hats off to ya.

    Besides the physical stuff, I guess you just need to get comfortable in social settings and be natural when/if you approach women. Put yourself out there and don't get discouraged by rejection.


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  • -Be white
    -Be tall
    -Be fit (ideally under 10% bodyfat)
    -Be muscular