Does he want a relationship with me or does he just want to keep it casual? Any help appreciated!?

We have been friends for 3 years now. This guy and I started sleeping with each other recently (no sex) but we have both admitted to liking one another. He told me he's liked me for 3 years and only now got the courage to kiss me because I'm intimidating to approach. We cuddled all night and throughout the night he would keep kissing my face, my hand, and tilting my chin up to kiss my lips. At some point he asked if he could tell me the truth and when I said I was still awake, he mumbled nevermind go back to sleep. What could he have possibly wanted to tell me?

Another thing that bothers me is that his friends/roommates know about me and my friends know about him but none of our mutual friends known about us. And some of our mutual friends he's really close with and I'm surprised to know that they don't know. And we haven't defined the relationship but we talked about just seeing each other on the weekends because he knows how busy I am. But I don't know if he's just using that as an excuse or not to keep it casual. He's graduating at the end of this semester so... Any opinions of what's going on would be helpful! Thanks!


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  • ask him, yeah. i agree. it seems like he is using you though because a guy who really has feelings for you will show it with action and you won't be left confused. but to really know, confront him about it to remove all the confusion once and for all.

  • Be direct and ask him. You've known the guy for three years for crying out loud.