Would you have a guy meet your parents if you weren't totally into him?

I was seeing this girl and things were going really good, and she'd always say how she would talk to her mom about me, and then recently she introduced me to them. I thought it went well, I was really shy, but I don't see how it could have gone bad at least. But then not long after, out of nowhere she said she wasn't ready for a relationship, and I just got the vibe that she didn't like me anymore, even though her texting habits seemed to indicate otherwise. I suppose it is possible her parents did not in fact like me, though I have doubts about that, but if that's not the case, why would she have me meet her parents if she wasn't interested in me? I though things were going really well, and now she doesn't seem to want anything to do with me, it's really confusing?


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  • you're right in the fact that she wouldn't have had you meet her parents if she didn't like you. there is a chance that her parents could not like you. did you ask her how her parents felt about you?


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