is emailing girls a bad idea? can u explain why? (shows lack of ocnfidence in self, or not enough interest in the girl, etc)?

. i tend to email girls to study together so i can get to know them b/c i'm interested. a girl showed me all signs of liking me. she approached and talked to me at the cafeteria, glances at me all the time in class and whenever i run into her her eyes get big with a look of nervous recognition and whenever i pass by she always looks. anyway i emailed her b/c i couldn't find her at a usual place i see her. wanted to study together. it's been over a day no response. we're college students and she prob checks her email frequently. so did she lose interest b/c i emailed her instead of appraoching? thanks


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  • Did you talk to her in person when you would bump into her? Or at least waved at her?

    • i never recognized her wasn't sure if she was just a girl glancing at me or the one i had met before and had class with when she approached me at a cafeteria i talked to her but otherwise didn't really recognize her

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    • Well then it will be like where is Waldo but I think it is totally doable ! And don't be nervous :)

    • i ll try haha thanks

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