How can you tell if he's just looking for a hook up?

I like this guy, but all our convos end up being sexual joking. And he occasionally makes comments about him being good at what he does. But one day I posted on fb that I wish I could meet a guy that wants to have a real conversation not about sex. Ever since he's been trying to have less sexually driven comments and now talks about real stuff.
Even his body language is confusing. One day he might tug on my hair, then the next act withdrawn. And he has another female friend that he's been gravitating towards when she's around lately. I feel like he might be keeping his options open. Any opinions?

FYI- we met 2 months ago and haven't been physical at all.


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  • Instead of posting the fb status you shoulda just cut your losses because now you'll never really know if it's just sex. But honestly, the constant sex talk is easily a sign that he wants to hook up.


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