Would you just calling/texting a girl after you've been dating for months without explanation?

would a decent guy get away from a reltionship without a clear /definite break up?

the question is would you STOP calling /texting a girl after you've been dating for months without explanation?


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  • Well first off, if the dude has any pride in him he would break up with you (if he thought there was a reason to.) He would also tell you why and explain what the issues are before a break up. A decent guy would not want to break your heart though so instead of just killing your heart he would attempt to let you down easily. Of course that means he would try to not make it awkward and in some cases this is (to him at least) the best way to do it. Of course if anything it makes it very unclear if the relationship is still intact and if it isn't the next question would be"are we friends?" This puts the girl in a very uncomfortable situation and thus your question is born. However there are two victims in a break up such as this. Not only does the girl suffer but the boy does as well. How you might ask? I will tell you. The boy in his head either decided that one he didn't like you anymore and the reason isn't good enough to tell you so he feels ashamed and therefore feels guilt or he is simply bored of you. Of course the first respectively would be if he IS a decent guy and the latter being that he is not. So depending primarily on multiple circumstances you get your answer. Things such as being shy, nervous, outgoing etc. all help determine the outcome of the answer to your question. Sorry if not of that made any common sense. Now from your first question, "Would you just calling/texting a girl after you've been dating for months without explanation?" I don't see why he would need an explanation to talk to his current partner/gf/date after a few months. Although if your asking this because he called you after a long while of silence and you with no clear idea of what his motive for calling was, were afraid to answer it in case your fear of him ending it was upon you. Than I say you either call him back or wait to see if he left a voicemail/wait for a call again. Of course that may have nothing to do with what happened to you but its my opinion.

    • sorry just updated question "typo". would a decent guy lead the girl to do the break up?

    • failure XD, well like i said if he's prideful than he would prob break up with you face to face and let you down easily with an explanation, if he is a really decent guy and is afraid to hurt you than you will probably see him doing stupid stuff trying to make it where you break his heart and not vice versa. Catch my drift? I am here for the next hour or so, so feel free to ask away if my answer didn't explain thoroughly.

    • I just sent you a message

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