How to make her to like me and be my girlfriend?

Guys, I ever met a girl i liked when she travelled to my country. I liked her so much and wanna get to know her more and more. We continued our friendship through Facebook and she responded my questions so well and the conversation seems going better and better but last time i checked coz of the distance between us makes something is not going well anymore. But she seems like give me a hope but i am not really sure whether it's true or not. There was one chance i almost visit her to her country coz we both love travelling but i was in difficult situation and it didn't work at all. I still keep wondering whether she is still interested or not with me... So i plan visit her again for no reason. By the way, we are in thousand miles apart :p
My question is
do you think it will work out then? or do you have another crazy idea how to make her like me even be my girlfriend?
Sorry, it is a bit lame but need advice :P
Thanks a lot guys


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  • 1000 miles is awfully long. I'd concentrate on local girls. And you cannot 'make' someone like you. They either do or they don't.

    • thanks dude, yeah that would make sense... :)

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