Is he still interested? Or is he letting me down easy?

I have gone on 4 dates with this guy. The last date we went on was 2 weeks ago on Saturday. We went to a movie. We had good conversation in the car on the way there and back. The night ended with us kissing/making out in his car.

Last week we text a little bit (He is not big into being on his phone and texting) I asked him last weekend if he wanted to get together on Saturday night but he said that his family had made quite a few plans for him so he didn't think that last weekend was going to work to get together. We text a bit this week but he had a job interview out of town.

I text him last night saying "Hey you, whatcha up to?" And got no response whatsoever. It is really odd because normally he is quick to respond to my text and has always responded any other time. I never said anymore after he didn't respond.

The background about this guy is he is super shy and never had a girlfriend ever. He is 27 years old and his guy friends warned me that he doesn't know how to talk to a girl. I've tried to make it easy on him by not having to have him do any work. I'm not playing any games or playing hard to get. I asked him last time we were together if I annoy him by texting him during the week but he said no that he just doesn't have much to talk about. He is the one who approached me to start talking to me. He also invited me out for drinks with him to begin with.

This is driving me nuts. How do I know if he is still interested when he is so introverted and shy? I am a bit shy myself but I have done everything possible to put myself out there without looking desperate.

I have other guys who would like to take me on dates but I don't want to ruin it if I have a chance with this guy.

Wouldn't he respond or contact me this weekend if he is interested? Our schedules only allow for us to hang on the weekends if at all.

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  • I understand why you don't want to ruin your chances with this "shy" guy, but I also think you need to live your life. If you are asked to go out, and you might like the guy, go out. I don't know how "shy guy" would know, if that is what you are concerned about, but it would also be his loss. There is nothing wrong with getting to know other people. If you want to reach out again, do it. If he likes you, he will come around. If he doesn't, his silence will provide your answer... ultimately, you need to do what makes you feel most comfortable.

    • I agree but I am just being picky this time around. I ended a 4 year relationship back in September and I told myself that I would be picky about who I date. This shy guy has every quality that i am looking for. His personality also reminds me of my Dad's. As silly as that sounds but it makes me think he is something extremely special.

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    • Wow. So that's totally understandable, and respectable. You clearly have a connection with him and hopefully it will continue. You sound like you are in a good place with it, and I hope that even if the timing isn't right "right now," maybe someday it will be. Or maybe you'll be swept off your feet in the meantime. Good luck to you girl! :-)

    • I agree and I truly believe that we keep crossing paths for a reason. We went to nearby high schools and he always had a crush on me, we went out on a few dates in college but he was too shy to initiate anything so I didn't think he was interested then all of this recently. If he is my soul mate then it'll end up working somehow. I just have to believe in myself and what is meant to be will happen :-)

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  • I couldn't say if he's interested or not: only he knows that. If he has a job interview out of town this weekend, you may want to wait until that's over with. You sent him a message, now the ball's in his court; wait for him to get back to you. If you're just dating, there's nothing wrong with dating other guys too: it reminds me of the song "Shop Around".

    • If he was an outgoing guy and not super shy then I would definitely date others. However, with him I feel like it is important that I not appear to have anything else going on because he will probably shy away thinking he does not have a chance. Would a shy guy ever think that way?

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    • We hung out in college twice (he was too shy to try to kiss me) so I was side tracked then by other guys that were throwing themselves at me. I also regretted not giving him a fair chance because he is super nice but super shy. Fast forward to 4 years later and we have hung out/made out which is huge for him. He has no idea how strongly I feel about him but I don't know how I can tell him if he doesn't ask me to hang out.

    • You could always conveniently be somewhere you know he'll be. "Oh my God! What an odd coincidence that we're both here!"

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