Ladies, how do you prefer a man to approach you through Facebook ?

Say a guy you've met recently and hung out with a few times decided too message you, would you rather a simple hey or something more constructed?

What are the do's and don'ts' here


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  • Honestly, if I hung out with a guy a few time, AND he has my number, I would be quite annoyed if he went through Facebook to try and reach out to me. If you have her personal info, why got through Facebook ? Facebook is extremely impersonal. Call or text her. Good luck.

    • Well I don't have her number, which I why I'm using Facebook in the first place to try an get her number for future reference

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    • More like acquaintances but yeah basically. Our mutual friend suggested I message her so I figured why not

    • Well under the circumstances, yes reach out to her through Facebook . A simple "hey" does not encourage conversation. Something more constructed would be better.

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