is she ignoring me? help. semilong ring then voice mail?

It's one hour before I have to go to a party, so I called up the girl who invited me 5 times within the past day.

each time the FIRST ring would be a little longer then a normal ring, then it goes straight to voice mail

by the way me and this girl are "Talking" haha, i just want to know if she's ignoring me or what.

I also keep texting her and i've gotten 2 text backs over the course of the day that are non sense and dont answer my previous text. im not sure if she's not getting my texts too or what's going on

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  • Don't constantly call/text her, you might come off as desperate and it could begin to annoy her, she might just be busy, just give her time to reply.

  • It seems as though, it's on purpose. Wait it out. Think about this: How often do you have your phone with you? It's probably the same if not more for girls.


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