How can a weird girl like me get back into dating?

I'm quirky. I've been called weird. I just got my own place. I work full-time. I write comedy. I play music. I'm kind of stressed and like to be by myself sometimes. I don't eat meat or dairy. I'm athletically lanky. My hair got cut boy-short at Vidal Sassoon competition recently. Sadly, I'm like a dark haired Charlize now. I've probably posted on here before.

How do I get back into dating? I don't know how to show interest in any guys. I've tried dating sites with poopy results. Do I stand a chance? Ok, of course I stand a chance. But if you can answer that first question that would be cool.



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  • I would consider looking at groups of people in your community e. g. a group who come together to share the comedy they have written to find people with similar interests in order to meet new people.
    Personally I think being quirky is pretty cool. So of course you stand a chance.

    Really the best advice I can give you is to get out there and give it a go and see what happens. Just start up a conversation with someone and make sure you actively listen to what they are saying.

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