What do guys look for In girlfriend material? And why am I overlooked?

I am sweet, cute, nice and attractive in a non - trashy way. A good girl. I experienced being overlooked or just seen as "fun" for guys and then they end up in relationships with someone else (hurts). What do guys look for in potential girlfriends and how can I be seen more of potential instead of friends or "fun"?


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  • I'm happy for you, you're a confident girl. That's great! But the problem is that maybe the guys around you don't think of you as sweet, cute, nice or attractive. I'm just saying. Make sure you're not deluding yourself and think realistically. Plus all guys have different tastes so there really isn't any such thing as one girl being cuter than another.

    If guys see you as "fun" then that means you're probably doing something to make them think that way. Maybe you sleep with guys on the first date. Maybe you drink and go clubbing a lot. Maybe you're a stoner. Who knows? Only you know. I'm not trying to judge you but I am saying that these things tend to make a girl seem more "fun" than anything else. Re-evaluate yourself if these descriptors identify you in any way.

    Example: This actually happened, this past weekend I visited a friend up in the Bay Area, California. I hooked up with one of her friends for the whole weekend. Never met her before, she has a tattoo, wakes up and takes shots of vodka in the mornings... Would you take her seriously if you were a guy? Obviously not. I would consider her "fun."

    You want to be taken seriously? Be a good girl. Don't party as much. Don't flirt with other guys. Be dedicated to your man. A lot of girls nowadays like being independent and, excuse me, acting like guys. My friend from the Bay and her girlfriends are going backpacking through Europe and I heard them talking about how they were too young to marry... They shouldn't have kids till their late 30's... they should make sure to take lots of condoms with them to Europe . LMAO. I'll tell you, I never found these girls less attractive after hearing that. I mean, good for them! I'm glad they are enjoying their lives and they have that freedom. But they sound like ho bags that'll never settle down. The same goes for guys that think that way so it's a two way street.


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  • well first off i want a "potential" girlfriend who takes initiative and ask me out and tells me what she wants, cause its really the girl who's supposed to make ALL the first moves anyways, i dont want a girl who thinks everything is the guys job etc, because its not

  • You sound like a great girl to me. ;)


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  • One thing you can never do, is give yourself physically traits, everyone see's you differently then what youve seen

    • Really, everybody has a different opinion about giving yourself physical traits but thanks for the advice of how to fix my question but not the actual question. Great help!

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    • And as I said, maybe the guys see you different than what you see. its nothing bad, but dont stress out yourself.

    • @not being so confident on everything like speaking to a guy, is less chances of getting hurt,

      what does that mean?