Second chance or do I just give up?

So I meet this guy last year and after months of flirting we went out on an amazing date. We both had a great time and really enjoyed seeing each other. Anyway he then came over to my house and I guess he wanted sex but I am a virgin and didn't tell him and just ended up having a massive make out session. I am not waiting for marriage I just want to been in a relationship with the man. I could tell he was a tad disappointed and I did feel really bad not telling him.

Slowly we started to drift apart and I went away and didn't see him for a few months. I did feel really bad about not telling him so when I saw him for the first time I did tell him. He seemed cool about and was super nice about it.

While I know it does seem like he lost interest after no sex we did talk a lot about potential date ideas etc. and had a great connection.

I guess in simple terms I want to know how to get him to like me again (as at the beginning he chased me for a while)? I am now seeing him weekly and I guess I want him to see why he liked me in the first place and then hopefully I can ask to go to drinks?

I also want a second chance as I can't stop thinking about him and really believe we could have a good time together.

I would like any ideas to try and get him to give me a second chance?


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  • Girl, you are making it seem like YOU did something wrong. Who gives two craps but YOU about whether or not you told him you were a virgin or not? You being a virgin and wanting to be in a relationship before having sex is a VERY personal decision. Thats not something you NEED to tell a guy on a first or second date. So what if this guy was looking for sex on that date. The whole tone of this question is you feeling GUILTY for NO reason. If this guy dropped off the face of the earth because you are not READY to sleep with him, OR because you haven't, you should be ever so grateful. That means that he was mainly into you to get laid. TRUST me.

    I know it sounds like a cliche, but a guy that IS into YOU, will wait until YOU are ready. They won't suddenly LOSE interest in you. You shouldn't want his attention back either because all it shows us he would probably end up breaking your heart in the long run... after he got your V-card.

    You shouldn't be trying to get his attention in ANY kind of way. You're a prize, so act like one. Good luck.