Guy friend who keeps popping up in my life?

I'm 18 and he's like 20 now. I last saw him in school in his senior year.

The summer after he contacted ne asking if I moved ( I stopped going to public school and lost weight etc got my life together) and he talked to me off and on mostly about his metal career on fb r ( which he wasn't too success with yet.) Then somehow he got my number and was texting me and often wanted me to do artwork for him

But then he'd go on about being depressed or send me lyrics or we talked about clothes, poetry, music, exercise, health and diet. Sometimes our personal lives but he could be a bit onesided.

I and his other buddy were some of the only people talking to him evidently ( after high school he lost popularity he's very attractive but has confidence issues aha so do I) for a small time I though he liked me but we have never hung out so I doubted it.

We'd fade on and off talking eventually this year I fell into depression and he'd text me but I'd never reply. Finally I did and same conversation all over but not as personal and he's mention an anonymous girl he'd had a relationship with once off and on.

Now he's come back ( good timing as I've booted all my old negative friends who dumped me) I only talk to him.

Evident ally he wants to start am art business with me and become entrepenuers this is after acting interested in my friendship and opinions and now he brought up this business subject again ( he has before as well I think it's a good idea).

We both have similar and selfish motives for the whole business thing though I don't know his.

I just find it weird he keeps contacting me, acting friemdly, then bring up business and it's been almost a two years of this.

He doesn't seem flirty or anything but you'd think he quit texting after I stopped replying for months. I wonder if it's only business related we talk normal and then this

He's very eccentric more so than I thought. I'm sorta like him artistic personality but we also differ.

We do have similar tastes music, clothinf, hygiene and health wise.

We don't talk much about personal lives just chatter cchatter. I think he's interesting but I'm not after him I'm done dating right now. Want the right person.
Just curious as to why he keeps coming back but we never offer to hang out or anything


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  • If you both benefit then do business