my long distance boyfriend won't put in effort?

My boyfriend and I went to college together, and he lived in the area we went to school. I recently moved home 3 hours away and we decided to stay together. We both work full time, so a weekend is really the only opportunity we have to see each other. I know all of my boyfriend's friends very well, I'm comfortable with them and am friends with them now myself, because I got to know them very well because of the proximity to where they lived in proportion to where we went to school. I also know my boyfriend's family well because of the same reasons.

The problem is, I get the feeling my boyfriend is hesitant to come visit me at home because he doesn't know my family or friends well. I feel like he always wants me to come up to see him, because he gets to see his friends and me at the same time. I feel like he doesn't know my family or my friends from home so he feels like he wouldn't be comfortable coming to stay with me for the weekend.

I know it's usually a good thing when a guy wants to bring a girl into his personal life, but is it a bad thing if he doesn't want to make the effort to be brought into mine? Do you think it's more of a matter of his personal comfort level or the amount of effort he's willing to put into the relationship?


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  • I think he's selfish. He can see his friends M-F so why the F can't he go visit you on the weekend? Because he's scared of your daddy? Whatever... Tell him to man up then hit him in the scrotum.


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