Long-term relationship, short-term or casual relationship or only a one-night stand?

Is there a way you can distinguish these by the first interactions you have with someone? For example when someone approaches you half drunk at a party... it is probably not going further than a one night stand?
Or there is this guy who has been staring at me in the library for weeks without saying anything. Than he managed to get my email and asked if he could join me in a group task and add me on FB. On FB he talks to me and subtly flirts but when we meet in real he is shyer... What kind of relationship would this guy want?


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  • I really doubt that he is the type looking for a one-night stand. If he can't talk to a girl in person, he doesn't have the social skills to get a girl into bed right away. I would guess he's hoping for short to long term dating.


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