Is he just trying to make me jealous or something?

I like him but don't think I could be in a relationship with him because it shows me he plays too many games. He's in his late 20's

Last night he sent me a pic of these girls on a couch looking at a laptop and he was standing really close behind them and they probably had no idea he was there. He was saying "we're just looking at fashion photos!" Like as if to say, look at me with these other women, doing women things! And in the pic, I couldn't even see the screen. Just saw the girls, he was so close to them like a creeper.

Then his married female friend must have just handed him drink like anyone would and he made a point to send me a photo "she made me a drink :-)"

It's like alright. Enough already!


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  • Yeah he might be wanting to make you jealous, but he sounds too childish, you really want to be involved with someone like that? I think there are better guys out there for you, good luck!