Does he find her more attractive? Is this just lust?

I saw my boyfriends text to his friend that said that he would have sex with this girl named kaylee if he had the chance. Does that mean he thinks she's hotter than me? I know a few guys at school think she's attractive. Is he keeping me around because he doesn't think he stands a chance with her so just in case she doesn't want him he has me? Don't tell me to break up with him because he treats me pretty well. thanks everyone!

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  • If he is your so-called "boyfriend," I feel This was a big slap in your face to even have said such a demeaning thing to you. He may be for you "exclusively" on one hand, but on the other hand, I think that if he had the "chance," I can't promise you he wouldn't. Sure, he finds her hot, and although he probably finds you as much, he is still young, remember, and his hormones Are bound to blaze and rage.
    If you don't mind That as part of your "treats me pretty well" list of Boy Scout merits, then no, don't break up with him. But if it were me, I would warn Roving eyes that you Do have your own eyes on him, and if he ever gets wandering fingers, he'll get more than One demerit. xx

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