Is he playing me or is he serious this time?

Last year i started dating my friend of 13 years, He always liked me so it took me by surprise when after a few months he broke it off. We were on and off here and there and then I told him off because i was sick of the back and fourth. He showed up at my best friends birthday which I couldn't make and he told my friend he messed up. Recently he started texting a lot more and he asked me why I hated him so much. I told him because I actually liked him, but i felt like he just wanted to be fuck buddies so i was hurt by it. He said it wasn't like that it was just that he was unsure and not ready. We hung out the other night and i told him I didn't want to stay the night, but he said we didn't have to do anything he just wanted me to stay (awe cute). Now i'm not hearing from him again and last night he was out with the girl he was sleeping with over the summer that he doesn't know I know about and a bunch of our mutual friends. I get that we're not together so he can do what he wants, but I'm scared I might be setting myself up to get played again. It sucks because I've known him since we were in middle school and I always thought of him as a sweet guy, but I feel like he wants to be a player right now. Why would he be ready now to date and if he was wouldn't he stop hanging out with this other girl?


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  • He seems to not know what he wants.:/ He sometimes thinks he does, but then it hits him again. I wouldn't wait for him if I were you. Move on. You might get together one day, but leave that out of your mind. You might meet someone who fits you better than him and you two will stay good friends. You don't want to go back and forth with him and end up hating him, because he didn't know what he wants at the time.:D Hope that makes any sense.


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