How to know who stalks your Facebook profile the most?

This website best explains it:

Now before I go on, if you don't understand the language of scripting, then it is easily to believe that this is "FAKE", but it is actually not. There are a lot of websites that tell you it is impossible to know who visits your profile the most, but its all a big fabrication.

Your friend's profile ID's are listed as this: "100002945520123-3","100002945520123-0","1828454123-2"

-0= They don't even visit your page
-2= They only look at your page if you are active or post something
-3= They stalk you everyday

Here is a way to conduct an experiment.

1. Find a friend that is willing to do it, and tell them to look at your page everyday for two weeks but NOT like or message any of your statuses.

2. Find their ID. You can find their ID by looking at their profile piture, and it should be the last set of 9-15 digit numbers in the URL link. Copy their ID.

3. Find your friend's ID on your InitialFriendslist and take note on which number the are ranked in. So for example, Day 1 your friend is #80 on the list.

4. Your friend keeps visiting your profile everyday for two weeks, and by the end of the experiment. He/She should be Top #5 on your InitialFriendslist.

This has been proven many times. So why does Facebook do this? Its because Facebook is the #1 social media site that encourages real life crime; murder, rape, etc ... But then again you ask, why keep data on your computer of who views your profile? Because your profile is linked to your computer and it stores data. When someone looks at a page, it leaves a trace.


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  • "encourages real life crime; murder, rape, etc"

    Please explain exactly how Facebook "encourages" these crimes.

    • Do you not read or watch the news?

      I can't find other articles but there was one in NYtimes

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    • " Facebook and other social media sites, are catalysts for crimes. When you approach something with a close mindset, you will never understand it." Maybe it's not so much "closed minds" But a difference in interpretation.

    • QA, InitialChatFriendsList is people from your chat list on your right side when you have chat turned off. It doesn't mean anything. If you literally open up a private message chat with someone and don't even type anything in, they will show up on the chat list soon after.

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  • I don't believe the ending numbers "-0" mean anything, otherwise that'd mean the FB page representing my city stalks me every day. ಠ_ಠ
    Whenever I do this for mine, my boyfriend comes up first. I believe it's the order in which they appear, is how often they look at your profile/talks to you and it always changes. I spoke to my nan today and she came second after my boyfriend.


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  • I'm curious. What does the line and the number after the number sequence mean? For example in 298398574979485-2, what does the -2 mean?

    • And is it just the people on your friends list, or can it be people you're not friends with too?

    • Like I said above "-0= They don't even visit your page
      -2= They only look at your page if you are active or post something
      -3= They stalk you everyday"

      Can it be people your not friends with? Yes, but when you copy the number and try to look at their page, it will say it doesn't exist. Its because of your privacy settings and his/her privacy settings.