I really like this girl, but I don't know if her interest in me has any substance. Is she just using me, does she truly like me, or am I friend-zoned?

So basically, I'm in a really weird position with this girl to the point where I've actually gone online to look for answers and it's strange because I thought I was very knowledgeable with dating and "signs". BUT I need an objective opinion because I think this girl has me going blind.

I've been talking to this girl for a long time but I've actually done anything intimate with her. She's a very sexual girl but I'm not the type to just dive in without me being sure that it'll lead to anything more serious. She's always being very "sexy" with me, for instance, sending me pictures and asking me touch and grab her butt even in public. We have a great connection person-to-person and I feel like we're in an official relationship and I can tell other people who don't know us would think we've been going out for years.
The problem is, after every "date" we have, which is usually just to go work out together (which she fills with sexual innuendos) or like having lunch together alone at her job, she always posts on social media the following day either a status or picture about going on a date with another guy or at another guy's apartment. She never posts anything when we go on our little dates but she has admitted once in a status conversation that I am one of the only guys she can ever trust and I always know what to say.
So my question is, should I keep being a sucker to her little over-sexualized workout dates? Should I change my attitude about the whole thing and just give in to her? The thing is, I should really mention how these "other guys" never last, but I'm still there. She's even been in committed relationships, and after she's broken up with them, I'm someone she comes to and wants to see. What makes it so confusing is how sexual she is with me, I've seen and know everything about her, I really have to stress it.
I don't know how relevant this is but she is also a young mother, could that be influencing her behavior towards me and all these other guys?


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  • Sounds like you're the BFF bro. Also sounds like its just her personality to be sexy since she dating so many guys at once. If you haven't hooked up with her I think you are as they say "friend zoned" hence the reason she comes back to you and not the others. You're the nice guy whose shoulder she can cry on.

    If you like her, let her know and maybe you can have a better relationship?

    • As I typed out the original post, I felt more and more BFF. I have no interest in being just-friends. I'm extremely attracted to her personality, her body and everything else. I'm pretty sure she knows I like her. Other than telling her HEY I LIKE YOU!!, should I just cut it all off or just suck it up and continue being her friend and accept it as that? I just know she doesn't really have anyone to support her but that's just putting myself back into this situation.

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    • LOL> Wow, that was bold! I like it. Def a Dos XX moment. hahaha. Good job! Way to break that boundary. Hope it works out for both of you.

    • I owe it to you buddy, thanks a lot.

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