Person on POF said they wanted to meet me?

I was just curious I got a message on POF saying a member wanted to meet me but I was wondering if anyone else had the same message in which the girl did not do anything else after that?

To be fair I haven't responded back yet because I think rating someone as a maybe still says yes?


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  • The "meet me" feature is worthless in my opinion. I have had girls click my photo and not reply when I used to be on POF a lot. What is basically happening is they click yes or maybe (maybe does send that email) and they forget about it. It's like a time wasting minigame they're messing with. Now there were some girls who clicked me and then emailed me. Those I saw as serious. But if you did not get an actual message, chances are she was just messing around on the site. Technically this netting me a GF once because I I did get a meet me and I did message and we talked and met, etc. But chances are she really doesn't care.

    • Yeah I noticed she was on today I was thinking of just sending a short message and not really care if I get a message back or not.. I noticed most are pretty shallow you ask a question about something they said and you never get a response back.

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    • Could also be a bot trying to get you to go to a website.

    • true.. never know

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  • Why is this a surprise , this is the point of dating sites, you should respond because most guys just get ignored on that site

    • Not going to hold my breath but I will send something

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    • Given it was a basic message asking how she was.. so I expanded on what she wrote in her profile.

    • cool got a second response so at least she's real lol I know for a fact guys are more willing to reply back to a girl no matter what.. girls on the other hand.. it seems like a huge ego stroke for them.

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