The guy I'm seeing has an STD? what do I do?

I met this wonderful guy and he told me that he has an STD which is herpes. What do I do? I don't want to stop seeing him.


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  • You need to figure out how much it matters to you. To me the fact that he told you about it means that he trusts you and cares for you and that is a big deal. I have known girls in the past who found out after they broke up with a guy that he had an STD, and those guys clearly never did respect their girlfriend.

    Figure out how much it matters to you and do research on it. Learn as much as you can about it, speak to people about it, like a doctor.

    It is possible to make a relationship work with someone who has an STD.


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  • Date for as long as possible without having sex. Make sure you completely seeing the relationship go the distance. I don't think it's worth it to risk getting the STD if you aren't going to marry them.

    If you want to have sex together, do the research on his STD and ask some doctors what the best way to safely go about it would be.

  • I would date a person who has an std if they make me happy. yeah definatly! XD


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  • Using a condom isn't 100% effective in preventing STDs. I guess the choice is up to you, but I'm not sure if having sex with someone outside of marriage that has an STD is really worth risking getting one in the long run.