I met this girl at a club and got her number, when should I call her?

Two days ago I met this gorgeous girl at a club.
I was out with 2 guy friends as I saw her on the dance floor with a friend of hers. She looked to me several times but at the beginning I didn't have the guts to make a move. After some time, however, I made up my mind and walked towards her. Not because I had to get liquid courage (I was almost totally sober) I just said to myself that I can't miss this chance to get to know a girl I'm really attracted to.

I was talking to her like 15 minutes or so and it turned out she really is adorable. At last I asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime so she should give me her number. She instantly replied that she just wanted to give me her number (which I take for a good sign I guess?) anyway so she inserted her number in my cell phone and called herself.

Since it turned out she is quite busy with university etc. (and so am I) I told her I would call her next week Thursday or Friday .

So to my question: Should I call her earlier, like let's say Wednesday? The reason why I'm thinking of this is, what if I call her a week later and she won't remember who I am?
I really wanna get to know this girl.


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  • Yes, Wednesday, Thursday Or even Friday is fine. As long as you keep your word and give her a jingle When you say.
    By her inserting her number into your cell phone herself, tells me you may have pushed a few buttons of your own, so go slow, be cool, see where this goes.
    As far as "Not remembering who you are," I believe that if you didn't call when you told her you would, she just Might delete your number, that you were never serious. I know how this could go down, especially because you both met in a pub.
    Good way to "get to know this girl" is be honest and punctual.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Did she seem drunk when you met her? If not, she will remember you. Dont call her unless you are going to be asking her to do something, later. Wed. Would be a good day, as you can say something like, "hey, i just wsnted to see if you wanted to do, something Friday night and take a break from class."
    Contrary to what movies say, there isn't a set time limit to calling a girl.

  • Just call her!


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