She stopped all contact with me. Can I do anything about it?

I met a very nice girl last March and we got along well had fun and went on many friend dates and texted daily and had dinner a few times.

Since she was leaving to study in Europe a few weeks after we meet we never got any further in our relationship but texted, e mailed and skyped daily.

It kinda stopped towards January when she wished me a happy NYE but never thanked me for the Christmas card I had sent her.

Now we are not in contact at all, she might reply with one word answers if I initiate but nothing more.

I'm wondering if I can do anything or did something wrong especially because I was looking forward to her return in March.

Thanks girls and guys :)


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  • this is sweet :) maybe she has moved on? who knows, but you still got chance to do something about it. I guess she is returning this month. If you still know her number, her house... etc take contact with her or visit her (go on a date) and try to talk to her about everything that has happen the past months, but also what your thoughts about your relationship with her (be open) is in the future.

    This happen to me and my boyfriend. He just asked me on a date and was honest with me (he wanted to date me), so I'm sure you can do it too. Good luck :)


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