Why does he just dissappear on me during text?

I have this guy I ment online we talk there and on text. and we seem to really be into eachother and click with personalities. We can talk about anything and get into deep conversations and he compliments me often. sometimes we will talk and then hell disappear and not talk to me after like 20 30 minutes then texts me again. tonight we had a deep convo then I told him to call me one theses days if he feels comfortable cuz he has my # then he dissappears and goes offline. I get it! not to be clingy cuz its only been a few days talking and I can't expect him to pay so much attention why sgould he? he's single so am I. so I dont text if he doesn't. Im NOT the type to wait around. but just wondering what his deal? I thought he liked me a lot. he thought I was too pretty for him too. is he just being weird? he doesn't even say "well gn or ttyl going to bed". just leaves me hanging. he is older does that have anything to do with it? I don't know. or is he still not sure to get serious with me cuz he doesn't know me that well? If he does keeping doing im not going to pay much attention to him anymore. I dont wanna waste my time.. you know. I don't know help?


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  • How pretty you are doesn't matter. This could happen to a troll looking girl or a glamour model.

    When people don't respond to your texts, disappear and are generally irregular, that's a sign that he's probably texting multiple girls or just busy, or you're not a very high priority. Looking back, the guys who liked me the most never did this. Obviously a textversation has to end sometime, but they don't just pull the disappearing acts. Now he may genuinely be busy, but often you're not the only chick he's texting and if you met on line and it not really serious then he might just be texting u whenever he's bored. don't have high expectations for guys u don't know well

    • Yea I wasn't saying cuz of my looks. I just wanted to know whats up.. and yea you're right.. texting other girls I kinda knew already.. must have found something for him.. no biggie.. was just curious

    • Giiiirl I already know:)

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  • Maybe he likes you and is using a bit of text game?

    • I dont like games.. whicjmh makes it a bad thing then lol

    • Lifes a game. Some people are just better players than others. The naive people are usually the ones who get played.

  • As an older guy, I will chime in on this - texting is in my opinion not meant for constant back and forth chatting. It's like sending emails. It's something you do when you have a spare minute. Not something you sit down to do for the next 4 hours uninterrupted.

    I would never set aside a block of time to "text". I will always be doing something else. And when I have a spare minute, then maybe I'll read a text or write a text. I'd probably never text ttyl going to bed either. I'd say that in a chat program, where we are talking in real time. But not in a text.


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  • I have experienced a few guys doing this. They tend to just cut off mainly to my understanding because they don't like to text much. But it could be for any reason. Just wait for him to reach out to you then if he pulls that move. He could be talking with other girls, he could be busy, or he just might not want to have a conversation at the moment. You have only been speaking with him for a few days its hard to tell where his head is at. You have to give it some more time.