Is he serious about us or am i just wasting time?

You guys i need your help and advice please give your opinion in my situation.. I really really like this guy everything about him seems perfect. We started off in December we met through mutual friends we went on couple of dates we started off as the awkward way everyone starts off but soon enough we became closer and closer it only took a month for me to fall for this guy after all the laughter and jokes he became more romantic with me... one day he took me to the beach and we had our first kiss and i felt i could fly it was so unreal i had never felt that way about anyone else everything seems right we go on dates we have heated make out sessions but its been 3 months and we aren't official. It crushes my dreams when we are so close and he's being romantic towards me and then there we just go on and he doesn't ask me to be his gf or makes it official. Im sure many of you are thinking... Why don't you say something ask him to clear the relationship? But i can't i feel that maybe I'm going to push him away. It wasn't been bothering me as much as its bothering me now because he has invited me over to his house and i feel that when i do go over to his house its not to just sleep with him i want to be in his life i want to meet his parents i want him to tell me he wants something serious with me. We have become more physical but he haven't had sex and i want to keep it that way until we are something and i want to wait, i wish we could have the relationship i can see us in But i can't make him want something he doesn't want.. But Why is he romantic and makes me feel special if at last we are just what friends? Sometimes i believe he may he afraid of relationships. But he needs a little push or something im not asking to move in with each other or to commit in any shape or form. What do you guys think he is waiting for? Does he just want sex? Or to be friends with benefits? What advice do you give to me?


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  • Every girl i've been with has brought up exclusivity with me. If she doesn't bring it up i assume she doesn't want it.

    Men will take all the goodies without committing because commitment is limiting. Even if we only see that one girl (Which is still commitment) the fact that it's never been discussed helps us feel free.

    The only way to know what he wants is to bring the subject up. If that pushes him away he was clearly playing games all along and you should be glad.

    • Thank you for your advice but where can i begging to ask him? I feel that he gives me clues but doesn't ask clearly .. So how can i start giving him clues at first and maybe he'll get it and if he doesn't then how can i tell him?

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    • Oh okay i see they have laid it out to you then.. To your experience does this happen more after you have sex this them or before?

    • Only when me and this one girl first lost our virginity together did she bring it up before the event. All other times it was afterwards lol. Strange but true.

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  • I was in a situation like this a while ago. He did bring up being official (he said he was scared) but then even after 2 months after that, he still hadn't asked and neither did I (it ended at that point because of reasons I'm still not sure of, although everyone who knows the situation said he was scared). Honestly, I really regret not asking him. The reason I didn't was because, like you, I didn't want to seem clingy or make him think that I was in a hurry to be in a relationship, when he had already said he was afraid to get hurt again. What the other anonymous user said is really interesting, and it actually made ME look at my own situation differently! He may be wondering the same thing about you... he may be thinking "hmm... if she hasn't asked, maybe she just wants to be friends with benefits or just wants someone around." If you believe he is afraid of relationships, then there's a great possibility that it's true. Usually, your gut is always right. I know it sucks, but you're just going to have to plan exactly how you want to ask him and just ask him. Good luck!

    • thanks babe i love getting advice from people who have been through the same things.. But even if i do ask him out thats not gona take his fear away.. I has read that some guys like to have many chicks around to have more options but im more than convinced that he isn't seeing anyone else.. But if he just wanted to sleep with him would he really have the patience to be talking to me for almost 4 months and not getting anything from me

    • I don't think he just wants sex from you... because of the fact that you said. With most guys who just want some, they wait around for a month before deciding it's a lost cause. Maybe ask him how he feels about you, or bring something along those lines up. When he answers, you probably will be able to tell his intentions!

    • At first i used to think it was just a friens with benefits but some of the yhings he does throw me off like romantism And I've told him i like him and he has told me he likes me a lot

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