Does he think I rejected him? Will he ever ask again?

This guy and I have been talking for quite sometime now. I recently gave him my number and said to let me know when he wants to hangout. He asked me what my plans were for this coming week and I told him that I had a party to attend and was stressed out with midterms coming up. Unfortunately, before I could ask what his plans were, we were interrupted. I don't know why I just didn't say nothing to big a deal. I feel so bad. Does he think I don't want to hangout with him or that I rejected him? Did I blow any chances of him asking again?


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  • Make things clear. Simplify the situation. Don't make it more major than what it has to be.
    If you're feeling bad about the situation then reach out to him. Text him something like "Meet me at 8 by _____ for an adventure! :D" or something friendly and warm like "Hey, I'm in the mood for some Starbucks and nature. Join me?"
    Bold actions with no words are powerful. Never forget that ; )

    • I will definitely do that! Thanks :) But do you think he is taking what I was saying as rejection that he won't ask again?

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    • thanks for mh : )

    • Of course! Thanks for all the help :)

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  • ask for his number too, and yes making yourself busy after making "moves" on a guy can seem like you rejected him, you obviously didn't initiate plans etc, and not everything is the guys job, you have to make moves more


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  • No, sweetie, I don't see where there was such a big deal here. I don't see where you "blew anything," and being cut off off, doesn't mean you were "blowing him off" either. Being he has your number, he now has the chance to call you himself, and talk to you with a bit more privacy. And you did tell him to let you know when he wants to hang out.
    You both have been chit chatting for quite awhile now. Why should something like This----interrupt you both now? xx