Age VS. Youth, which do you date?

I've tried very hard to date women my own age, but am convinced they're all nuts. Not in a bad way, just where they are in life. I've had this debate with two of my sisters to no end. Along time ago I read a study that said the best relationships, or the ones that last at least, the Man is 5 years older then the Woman.

I tend to agree. I think it's a mental matter more or less. That old Health Class video comes to mind. "Girls mature faster then Boys." Without getting into the overall Battle of the Sexes, which group do you date? Older or younger then yourself?


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  • Aged maturity and emotional maturity do not always go hand in hand, so it does depend on the person. I am 31 and I have dated younger and older. My ex is younger than me by a few years, our relationship was rocky and it was good that it ended but a guy that I am kind of dating at the moment is a few years older and seems about the same emotionally. Probably won't work out but I keep my fingers and toes crossed! lol

    The key is to find someone you can really sit down and talk to - really. The best relationships start out as friends. Now, I do not equate who is emotionally able to be in a relationship with me to their age because life and people are never that black and white.

  • I date older of course.. because u're right girls mature faster than boys so we both almost have the same mentality ..


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