She said she's not ready for a relationship, though still agrees to see me?

I'm really confused right now, girl and I had been seeing each other regularly for a month, then she springs the "i'm not sure about a relationship right now" on me. I decided I wasn't going to text her anymore, but she reinitiated and said she missed me, so we resumed communication and I asked her to lunch, and she agreed right away. But then when we met up she seemed distressed, she blamed it on schoolwork and not getting much sleep, so it was kind of a strained conversation and we just called it off early.

It just seems like she has an emotional barrier, I don't know what best to do, she hasn't seemed interested in talking about it, and I don't want to give an ultimatum or push the issue, I would still like to see her, but it's hard when I don't know exactly what the issue was. I would normally assume she was just done with me after the "not ready" line but she still texts me the same way she has before and was interested in seeing me, so I'm just completely confused if it seems I'm being played or if she just legitimately is conflicted?


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  • She's not ready for a label or commitment. Does not mean she wouldn't be monogamist just means she has some problems in the past and you have to break down her walls before she's comfortable enough to be in a relationship


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