Can a girl fall for a guy that is not her type?

I started by trying to go out with her, but that never happened so know we are just friends. We have some stuff in common but she said she likes the guy in the relationship to be aggressive and dominant, which I am not. She is also a year older then me which would not be a big deal except that she is a senior and I am a junior (college) so she graduates in 2 months at this point. She asked if I wanted to go out for lunch this week and I said yes. I am wondering if this is any way she would fall for me or if we would just be friends?


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  • Of course she could fall for you. I thought I knew my type in guys, that they had to be considerably taller, quite fit, preferably blonde, etc.. Last semester I ran into a friend from high school who barely matched any of these 'requirements'. He told me he liked me a month after we started hangign out quite a bit, and I still didn't feel too worried as I thought I liked him only as a friend due to him not being my 'type'. A few months later, come January, I realized that I did like him as more than a friend and we've been together ever since.

    Keep hanging around the girl in your case. She might be, as I was sort of doing, testing you and if she can trust you to have good intentions with her. Emotions can make people behave in unusual ways so never say never! Good luck. :)


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