Can you badger someone into dating you?

two days ago my guy who I've been seeing for 2 months asked out me

i was explaining it felt wrong to be physical without truly being committed. We agreed not to see other people and that was good. When I told my guy I didn't feel like he wanted a relationship he said "not necessarily". He said he saw me as his girlfriend and was fine if I told people he was my boyfriend. He said he was worried how things would change if we had a title. I explained change can happen with or without a title. I knew he was happy how things were going and didn't want change.

He said he wouldn't act the way he does towards me if he was just using me and didn't like me. Mainly it came down to me saying I wasn't sure if I could very emotionally attached to someone without having the titles because I was scared due to past experiences. I need true commit and solidness that comes with a title. I told him things wouldn't change and eventually if he wants to date or whatever he just needs to get over the fear of the unknown and take the dive. a minute later he gives me a big hug and goes "I'm ready to take the dive and add titles".

normally he wouldn't do anything he didn't want to do, but I'm not sure anymore. I didn't mean to badger him I just think being scared to add titles is silly if that's really all he's scared I once again worrying over nothing? I'm going to talk to him, but what does it sound like?


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  • If you have to badger someone in to dating you then that is not a good sign. It means that they really are not that interested and have just said yes to keep you quiet/happy. If someone likes you enough to want to date you then they say yes and don't have to think about it or make you ask several times.

    I am sorry to say but it does not sound like this guy is that keen on dating you and wanted to have fun with you with out the comittment. I think the only way that you can find out if he is interested now is by letting him make the moves first. Let him initiate the contact and let him initate the date. That ist he only way you will know it is what he really wants. Also do not sleep with him for a couple of months.

    • Why do you say he isn't interested? jw

      i mean we are dating. therefore he is commited. we agreed not to see other people beforehand as well. and he does intiate contact. I inititate at times too as well.

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