How would you act in this situation?

I've been dating this guy for the past year. We made plans to grab dinner tonight after his class was finished. This was decided in the afternoon. A few hours later he called but I missed it cause I was in practice. i didn't bother calling back because he was in class.

Now he's cancelled our plans because supposedly he wasn't sure if I still wanted to hang out since is missed the call.

I'm a little upset because I think this is just an excuse. This isn't a first date, we've been together for a year, we've been friends for at least 3 years. And he cancels cause of a missed call? I think he's being rude.

Am I overreacting? Is he?

Would you have responded the same way he did?


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  • So... neither one of you could have texted each other? Or left a voicemail? I think both of you are hot messes in this situation. If my boyfriend and I would have made plans and then for one reason or another we were missing communication, I would have texted and sent a voicemail to let him know what's going on, or to ask questions and figure out plans.

    I feel like you could have texted him confirming plans even though he was in class. Remember, YOU decided not to contact HIM even though he called YOU. So maybe he thought you didn't want to hang out anymore. See where lack of communication gets you? I think both of you are at fault for not communicating properly. Don't place blame on him and you didn't even bother to call him back since he was in class.

    This is a simple case of lack of communication.

    • Thank you, reading your comment puts things into perspective

      You're right

    • You're welcome girl. :)

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  • I'd see if he tries to reschedule. I can see how he would have maybe made other plans if you missed the call, especially since you've been dating for a while. If it was one of your first few dates I'd think it was a bigger deal but because you guys have been dating so long it's a lot more likely there will be another time and another date. Forgive, but keep this in mind if it starts to become a habit.